Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When is it okay to change teams?

So this Jeremy Lin thing sure has gotten out of hand huh? Every time I think Dwight Howard has created more news and headlines than anybody possibly can James Dolan manages to out do him. Maybe Dolan loves the spotlight? I don't know but the Knicks have done a good job this season creating headlines but this one has sent Knicks fans into a fury. Their fans are just straight up done with James Dolan. They're sick of him and some are even considering going over to the dark side and becoming Brooklyn Nets fans. Some Knicks fans are calling these people traitors but I say, why not? If you hate the owner enough then go ahead and switch teams but no flip flopping. Nobody likes flip flopping. Just ask Magic fans. That said though. This notion that somebody isn't allowed to change allegiances to a team is kind of silly. You should be able to be a fan of whoever you want to be a fan of. It's dumb to say somebody isn't allowed to change the team they like. If you want to stop cheering for your current team and cheer for somebody else just because you think the uniforms are cooler then you go right ahead. Nobody should tell you otherwise. However if the team you're cheering for is losing and the team you left for is winning the fans of the team you left are allowed to poke fun at you. Sorry it comes with the switch.

When you change teams you can come off looking bad in the eyes of other sports fans. You can't be a "die hard" OKC fan or Miami fan next season without looking like a bandwagoner. You won't be able to avoid it. But this is easily negated. If you were a fan of Washington or Sacramento and you're fed up with constant losing and bad management/ownership then it's okay to start cheering for one of the winning teams but to avoid being seen as the bandwagoner you have to stick with that team. No switching over when that team starts losing and another team starts to win. Stick with the team you pick and ride it out.

Fan switches happen all the time it's not really that rare and I'm sure some fans feel like someone is a "traitor" if they would ever leave the team and become a fan somewhere else but what if ownership is terrible? These Knicks fans who want to become Brooklyn fans aren't doing it because of Jay-Z, the Russian owner who's name I have a really hard time spelling, and the black and white logo. No they're switching over cause they are sick of James Dolan running their favorite team into the ground all the time. If these fans want to switch that's fine by me. If you ever want to switch teams it's fine by me. You are allowed to cheer for whoever you want for whatever reason you want. Just have a better reason than the colors.

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